Sapling Kinds

The ideal slice spacing for walnuts should be 12×12 m, 10×10 m, 10×8 m or 8×8 m. The slices of walnut saplings should be started in the resting period and this period should continue until the eyes wake up. The removal of walnut seedlings should be done very carefully so that their roots should not be damaged. During the planting of walnut seedlings, root pruning is among the things that should be done. Planting holes of walnut saplings should be at least 60-70 cm wide and 80-100 cm deep. The grafting points of the walnut saplings should be above the soil and the pits should be filled with top soil in the garden. Some water should be poured immediately after the walnut sapling is planted. After planting, the sapling trunks should be cut approximately 1-1.5 m above the soil surface, taking into account the timber condition, and crowning pruning should be done. Depending on the prevailing wind type in the region where the walnut sapling is planted, the saplings should be tied to the sticks (herds). Mulching should be done in areas with hot and dry summers and low water resources in order to prevent water loss after planting.

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