Sapling Kinds

If you will grow walnut saplings within 4-5 days, you can wrap your roots with a wet material and store them in a closed environment. However, if you need to wait longer (up to 2-3 months, but not later than March) they should be buried in cold storage with 0-4oC and 85-90% relative humidity, or indoors or outdoors, such as hangars. If you are going to use cold air depots, you should cover the roots with a material such as disinfected sawdust. If you are going to use burial method, it would be useful to disinfect the roots with a substance such as burgundy mix. In addition, the trenches must be opened in the east-west direction, and the saplings should be buried in a vertical or slightly horizontal manner. If buried in a slightly horizontal manner, the roots will better contact the ground. All of the sapling roots in the burial should be in the soil, there should not be an exposed part of the roots. If the space between the saplings cannot be completely filled with soil, the roots will be damaged from wind and winter cold. For this, the roots should be tightly pressed with the soil and air intake should be prevented. In addition, saplings roots can be damaged at -6, -7 ° C. For this reason, it is useful to keep the saplings in an indoor environment (such as a hangar) where there is no air flow where the winter passes harshly.

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