Sapling Kinds

In recent years, the whole world has been prone to frequent planting in order to be able to grow more trees. Thus, fruit percentage has been high, unit cost has been low and quality production has been possible. For this purpose, walnut saplings such as Chandler and Fernor are planted in flat planting area with 8×8 m, 7×7 m on sloping ground, 8×4 m on flat ground, 7×3.5 meters or 7×4 meters on sloped ground. By frequent planting you can double the number of trees you can plant on the land. But after an average of 15 years, cutting the trees between them and bringing them back to their normal range will be more suitable for fruit quality and quantity. If you have done frequent planting in your walnut garden and do not want to make subtilization in 15 years, you should do a very careful pruning.

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