Sapling Kinds

The most dangerous and most harmful frost type in the walnut garden is late spring frosts. The first thing that can be done to protect against these frosts is forecasting. For this, meteorological data should be considered.

In order to avoid damage to the walnut garden from frost, the process is to prevent the loss of heat in the plant and return the lost heat. In addition, chemical applications (such as plant copper application) made in the autumn or early spring are useful. Sprinkler irrigation again reduces the internal temperature of the plant, thus preventing damage by the frost. But it is necessary to make sprinkling watering until the dawn at the night of frost. Chemically, instead of copper, chemical matter “Frostguard” has produced successful results. Smoke or fogging, as well as heating and sprinkling applications, can also be done to protect from the frost. Saw, car tires, lignite coal or used engine oils can be burned on the ground for heating. When sprinkling is carried out, irrigation continues until the air temperature rises above 0 ° C.

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