Sapling Kinds

It is called pollination in the case of the transfer of the flower dust that is turned on by the explosion of the male specie (anter) to the fountain of the female fountain. Pollination in walnuts occurs with wind, not with insects or bees. Therefore, in the garden creation, the planting of the garden must be carried out with an appropriate plan for the species of walnut pollination. This plan should be based on the prevailing wind direction. However, it is also a method to plant pollinator for the third tree of every third row. However, the size of the land and the dominant wind direction must be taken into account. For complete pollination, the flowering season of main specie and the pollinator season must match each other. The choice of the correct specie for this is extremely important. Pollination and fertilization are often mixed up. Fertilization is the biological activity, such as egg division, which is the result of pollination. It is not right to separate the two completely. Also, for good fertilization, the temperature should be sufficient.

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