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Pruning in walnut trees is a method of controlling the structure of the corolla, that is to form a smooth and strong corolla, to prolong the economic life, to improve the quality of the fruit, to provide light penetration and air circulation, to provide good flowering, to remove the damaged parts, and in general meaning, to obtain more income.

Pruning by Time Period

Winter Pruning in Walnut
It is fertility pruning made in resting period.
Winter pruning contributes waking up the tree. However, heavy winter pruning use the majority of tree energy, encourage excessive physical growth, and reduce fruit growth and development. Therefore, the winter pruning should be made a little lighter.
Winter pruning should be done towards the end of winter as much as possible, otherwise cold damage may occur. If the trees are young, they will suffer more damage from early pruning.
Trees are shaped.

Summer Pruning in Walnut
It is also called green pruning. It is the pruning to complete or correct the winter pruning and to increase exposure to light.
It is especially important to be done during the shaping years. The main purpose is to regulate vegetative development.
If the physical development is excessive, it is necessary to apply summer pruning.
Summer pruning can be done to make it easier to cure the shoot. It should not be made after August 15th. This will reduce the damage of the tree from the winter cold. However, it is not allowed to wake up again after the shortening.
If there are areas in the corolla which are frequent in May-June, dilution will be beneficial when the shoots are newly formed. However, pruning should be done when the length of the shoot reaches 8-10 cm. This is the early pruning; the actual pruning should be done after the 15th of August.
Steep and strong growing shoots should be cut and only dilution cuts should be made.
The actual pruning should be done like the 15th of August to avoid any winter damage that may occur.
With summer pruning, more sunlight is provided to the fruit and fruit quality and size increase is observed.
Trees that are closed off by summer pruning are controlled, and control is provided if the trees pass through their allocated areas.
Cutting should be done from the middle part of the tree to increase light exposure. The point to be noted in the shortening of branches is that they should not be cut in the case of a 30 cm or smaller shoot, cut in thicker branches from the pencil, and shortening should be one third of the length of the branch.

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