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Are you ready to read the story of a cultural heritage inherited from grandfather to grandchild?
Our company, which started its production from hanging walnuts and almonds since the beginning of the 1980s, is in the first place in its field with the stable and quality production it has maintained until today.

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We are the first firm to export walnut saplings in our country.


Plant. grow. gıve lıfe.

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Modern Agriculture

The land structure of our producer requesting saplings is examined by our technical staff, the most suitable walnut and almond varieties for the region are determined, technical support is provided both before and after the planting. Our show closely follows the developments in these types.

In this environment, it is very important that walnut and almond production, which is the most profitable investment in fruit growing today, is produced with the most efficient, quality and standard varieties demanded by domestic and foreign markets.

The first priority of our company in the production of hanging walnuts and almonds; It is in accordance with the standards that the hazelnuts are free from all kinds of diseases and pests and that the varieties are true to the name. Based on these basic principles, today we produce 300,000 hanging walnuts and more than 100,000 almonds in open k.k.k. and tubular and market them both domestically and abroad, making great contributions to our country’s economy.

The most demanded in walnut production in the world are the varieties such as Chandler, Fernor and Fernette, and the local varieties Bilecik, Sebin and Yalova.

  • We help you choose the most suitable grain for the region you are in while choosing the type and variety to plant,
  • We keep our yachts reasonable because we produce our saplings ourselves,
  • We prepare the documents you need to receive state support for you,
  • We pack your sapling orders carefully and deliver them to you with very suitable yachts with cargo companies,
  • We help you planting your saplings and we ensure that you can get the best yield in the future.

The reason why our customers who have made a single purchase with us have always preferred us again for many years:

“We will never send any farms that we do not deem worthy of our own garden to our customers.”

Let us help you, you can reach us by phone whenever you want.

We believe in 100% traceability for each and every product

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