Sapling Kinds

How Should The Walnut Sapling Be Irrigated?

Walnut trees are known for having a large leaf surface because they are large and widely branched.

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How to Prun Walnut?

Walnut trees form a large and large crown. However, walnut trees do not need much prunin

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How Walnut Fertilization Should Be?

Walnut is not a sensitive plant in terms of fertilization if there is no extreme problem in the soil.

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How to Plant Walnut?

The ideal slice spacing for walnuts should be 12x12 m, 10x10 m, 10x8 m or 8x8 m.

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How to Sow Walnut Seeds?

We prepare our fields and our seedlings which have been rested before vaccination. Then we choose the best seedlings with suitable sizes. After germinating the walnuts, a week later, we bring the walnuts to the field with walnut planting machines and our experienced teams.

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Shipment & Delivery

Sapling Kinds Co. prefers refrigerated vehicles in cargo and transportation. On the other hand, packaged products are delivered with the contracted courier complany in the fastest and most reliable way without any damage. In addition, while preparing our sapling for cargo and transportation, we use medicated water to keep our…

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