Sapling Kinds

Total Weight in a Year:

4-5 t


6-7 gr


Lara walnut is a type of walnut with high side branch yield. Due to the fact that it is a variety of French origin, it is also of French origin. It is pollinated by franquette walnut species. For high altitude areas In addition to being one of the suitable walnut types, yield per acre it is high in terms of quantities. The fruit rate is very high in the side branches. 1 ton walnuts per 10 decares at the age of 5 years, 4-5 tons of walnuts per hectare between the ages of 8-9 can give. 13 grams of dry peeled fruit, 6-7 grams of fruit without peel has weight. Its internal efficiency is between 45% and 50%. 



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