Sapling Kinds

Soil Analysis

It must be made to determine the type needed by the plant, its amount, and lacking or excessive materials in the soil. For analysis, it is important that the soil samples have different depths, such as 0-30, 30-60, 60-100, 150-180 cm.

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Variety Selection in Walnut Saplings

Dichogamy of male and female flowers at different times is common in walnuts. In this case, there are homogamous types and varieties with male and female flowers maturing at the same time, as well as varieties whose male flowers first mature (protandry) and female flowers mature first (protogyny).

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How to Prun Walnut?

Walnut trees form a large and large crown. However, walnut trees do not need much prunin

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Our Sapling Rootstocks

We make vaccines from our rootstocks which are reliability approved by Cambridge University in America. We carry out the vaccination process in August, also the most appropriate time of the year. Together with our expert team, we achieve results that are close to 100% at the vaccination rate.

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Sapling Vaccination

Streamer fish California halibut Pacific saury. Slickhead grunion lake trout. Canthigaster rostrata spikefish brown trout loach summer flounder

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Shipment & Delivery

Sapling Kinds Co. prefers refrigerated vehicles in cargo and transportation. On the other hand, packaged products are delivered with the contracted courier complany in the fastest and most reliable way without any damage. In addition, while preparing our sapling for cargo and transportation, we use medicated water to keep our…

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