Sapling Kinds

Increasing the Amount of Fruit Bud in Walnut Tree

The more fruit buds are in the walnut garden, the more fruits will be produced. If the amount of good nutrition, developmental strength and lightness in the formation of this flower bud is much, the amount of flower will be high. A good pruning is a must for a good…

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Protection from Spring Late Frosts

The most dangerous and most harmful frost type in the walnut garden is late spring frosts. The first thing that can be done to protect against these frosts is forecasting. For this, meteorological data should be considered.

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The State of Not Giving Sufficient Water for Walnut Growing

If you do not give sufficient water to the walnut garden, the rate of photosynthesis decreases because stomas are closed. As a result, the walnut trees can not feed enough and the fruit quality decreases. Fruit size, colour and yield are adversely affected. Naturally, walnut prices will be negatively affected…

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Impact of Watering on Flower Buds (Fruit Buds)

The water need of the walnut tree should be met at normal level. Irrigation should be done depending on soil structure and general climate conditions. If irrigation is not made for trees, flower buds may never occur due to thirst. In the case of irrigation in excess amount, it is…

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Walnut and Irrigation

The walnut tree does not need much water except for the first 2-3 years. If we order the species which are demanding water much, plums, apples, pears, cherries, peaches, apricots, and almonds are respectively.

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